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Benefits of Hiring a Therapeutic Educational Consultant

Program Knowledge and Expertise

Finding the right program for a child is essential for a successful outcome.  There are so many programs across the country and it is difficult as a parent or mental health professional to know what to really look for in a program, as well what options are outside of their local areas. I obtain extensive information on each child from parents and their local treatment providers so that I can really understand each child's needs.  A large part of my time is spent learning about programs nationally to build my database of therapeutic programs.  Annually, I tour between 75-100 programs.  I make it a priority to understand every aspect of a program so that I can determine what is the best fit for each child, including the students that they work with, their clinical approach, and their staff expertise.  Program fit is critical in achieving long lasting results.

Maximize Financial Investment

Treatment programs are a big investment financially and emotionally.  The financial piece is a key part of the puzzle in finding the right program.  While many programs may see themselves as a good option for a child, I want to find the best fit to maximize a family's investment.  I can negotiate rates as needed or as available depending on the program.  I am committed to developing the best treatment plan that works within your financial parameters.  

Family Advocate

While a child is at a program, I act as an advocate for the family and their child, making sure that they are getting everything they need.  I am here to provide families all of the support needed so that they may participate in a parallel process to their child.  I also provide updates to local providers so that they continue to follow each child's progress and development, which allows for a smooth transition when they return.  

Awareness of Local Resources and Treatment Options

Treatment doesn't end with program discharge.  Continuing care is another key factor in successful outcomes.  I make it a priority to understand what's available in our community and provide those connections and recommendations as needed.  I want to connect the right local providers to families for support they need.

Access to Resources and Tools

Understanding what options are to fund treatment is also a challenging process.  I work with organizations to assist with financing programs and understanding how each family's  insurance works, as well as advocacy for insurance.  I also work with trusted therapeutic transport services for those who want their child transported to a program.

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