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Engaging an EC To Support Complex Clients and Families

As a therapeutic educational consultant, I am a full time planner and expert on therapeutic resources, specialized schools and therapeutic programs. My specialization is complementary to the work of therapists and other clinical professionals. Therapists, psychiatrists and psychologists refer to me when they want to ensure their client has a comprehensive plan including being matched to a therapeutic program that best fits the needs of the child and family.  

  • Work with you to understand the family’s needs

  • Assist in calming family fears and promote clarity through information and parent support

  • Plan with families so they have a clear path forward during difficult days

  • Look at the big picture, create short and long term goals, track progress, advocate for the family and client

  • Serve as an expert resource on specialized schools and programs- I personally vist 75-100 programs nationwide each year

  • When indicated, will custom match clients to the “right fit” therapeutic placement

  • Go the distance and stay on the family team for as long as the parent requests

While many adolescents and young adults achieve their goals through local, outpatient treatment, there are some that need a higher level of care. Enlisting my assistance will increase the opportunity for a successful outcome.

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