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About Me

Thank you for taking the time to visit my website and learn more about me and the services I provide to families. I have worked in the behavioral health and addiction field for over 20 years.   I began my career as a social worker with a focus on individuals and families affected by mental health and addiction issues.    I saw first hand how these issues affect the health and well being of the family system and that outpatient treatment was not always enough.  In 2005, I was introduced to therapeutic wilderness programs, therapeutic boarding schools and residential treatment programs.  I worked with families assisting them in identifying the right therapeutic program for their child.  Since 2005, I have worked with hundreds of students and families assisting in identifying the appropriate treatment program, providing support throughout treatment, and identifying continuing care plans to set each client for long -term social and academic success.  


I live in Westfield, Indiana with my husband and three children.  I graduated from Purdue University with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology  and minors in political science and French .  

About My Practice

When a family is considering therapeutic placement it is important to involve a professional they connect with and trust. I provide guidance, support, and advocacy for the student and their family while they navigate the challenging, stressful process of choosing the right program.   


My clinical knowledge combined with my education, training and understanding of out of home therapeutic programs and specialty schools nationally makes me an invaluable resource to families. When a child is struggling socially, emotionally, developmentally, behaviorally, and or academically, it can cause long term effects on the child and family.  When a family is considering therapeutic placement or specialized school, it is critical to involve a professional that they trust.

I provide guidance, support, and advocacy for the child and their family while they navigate the challenging and stressful process.  It begins with a thorough assessment that allows for an individualized treatment plan for the child and family.  I act as the family liaison and provide support throughout the placement process, including continuing care planning and follow along support long past their return home.

I routinely visit therapeutic programs across the country to learn more about the programs, meet staff, and familiarize myself with the nuances of each program.  I visit approximately 75 programs each year.  I am in regular communication with program staff to ensure I have the most current inforion to make the best program recommendations.  

Who I Work With

  • Children, Teens, and Young Adults; age 10-28 with diverse therapeutic needs

  • Trauma, PTSD

  • Attachment, adoption Issues

  • Depression, Anxiety, Bi-Polar & Other Mood disorders

  • Self Harm & Suicidal Ideation

  • Autism Spectrum Disorder

  • Eating Disorders

  • Family Issues


  • Developmental Disorders

  • Substance Abuse and Addiction Issues

  • Aggression/ Behavioral Issues

  • Adjustment Disorder

  • Learning Differences

  • Technology and Gaming Addiction

  • School Refusal

Who I work With
About My Practice
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