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The goal of every placement is to replace the negative thought and behavior patterns that have prevented your child from thriving in all areas of life. Each family has individual needs that are considered through this process.  We need to first understand what is driving the behavior, introduce new positive coping skills, support the new behaviors, and then begin to practice those skills in everyday life through continued clinical support.  My continuum of services are designed to provide all of the necessary pieces to develop a successful treatment plan for your child.

Complimentary Consultation

Initial meeting  with the family to gain a full understanding of their child, previous treatment, and how issues have impacted child's life  and  family. This allows me to gain a better understanding of the family's overall goals and timeline.  This consultation allows the family to evaluate their needs and how my services can aid in reaching their  goals for their child. 

Assessment & Evaluation

Each successful placement begins here. The assessment process allows me to build a comprehensive profile for your child. I gather and evaluate information related to each child’s family dynamic, academic and clinical needs, diagnostics and previous therapeutic interventions and placements. During this process, I will work with professionals who know your child (teachers, family, clinical professionals) and review any existing information and records.  I will use this research to develop a thorough assessment, which will be used to create an individualized placement plan for your child.

Program Recommendations & Placement

Program Recommendations include wilderness therapy programs, specialized schools, therapeutic boarding schools, residential treatment centers, and assistance with local school options. Options will be evaluated with the family based upon my personal knowledge of the program and clinical staff at each program. I will coordinate all aspects of the program admission, providing support and guidance to the family that allows for a smooth placement.

Program Liaison & Family Advocate

I am available to the family throughout their child’s treatment stay. I will receive regular updates, discuss progress with your

child’s therapist and other members of your child’s treatment team. I will be fully available to you to answer questions and address any concerns that arise. I will act as your family’s advocate throughout treatment. I will also work closely with you and the program staff to coordinate a continuing care plan as your child prepare's to transition.


Continuing Care

I assist in all continuing care plans which may include a second placement or support services once a child returns home. I am closely connected with local clinical supports, treatment programs and academic supports to help at the local level.  I stay involved to support child and family for 1 year post program discharge.

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