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How to Pay for Therapeutic Programs

Review your assets

  • A low interest home equity loan

  • Cash in any stocks, bonds, IRA, or 401k

  • Education savings plan or Collge 529 plan

  • Sell any valuable items or downsize home and/ or car


Family, friends, Community

  • Grandparents or other family members that could have assets

  • Church

  • Community Groups


Behavioral Health Loans

  • Prosper Healthcare lending-

  • My Treatment Lender-



  • Often pays for therapeutic pieces of programs

  • I work with some insurance specialists to maximize insurance reimbursement

  • Programs can submit bills to insurance to assist with reimbursement


School Funding

  • If your child has an IEP, they could be eligible to school funding. See for more information.


Adoption funding

  • Adoptive families Coalition offers assistance- application: ​ or call 602.390.0220

  • If your child was adopted in the state of California, the state is required to provide assistance if your child was part of the California foster care system.


Victims of Crime

  • Each state has different comensation plans. More information: ​


Rate Negotiation

  • I have the ability to negotiate rates with programs or request partial scholarships when needed by families.

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