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When Should You Call a Therapeutic Educational Consultant

One of the most common questions I get from both clinical professionals and families is "How do I know when I should call you"? Most importantly, I am always open to talking with professionals and families at any point in their therapeutic process. It never hurts to call and get a consultation and learn more about how I can support your family. However, here are some indicators that it is time to give me a call:

-Family has exhausted local resources and options and their child is still struggling or not responding to current therapeutic strategies.

-Child’s issues are causing significant stress in the family and home resulting in a break down of the family system.

-Family requires expertise and knowledge that goes beyond therapeutic sessions.  

-Family could benefit from customized treatment program specific to their child’s challenges.

-Parents are feeling hopeless about child’s progress and treatment options.

-Child and family could benefit from program expertise and ongoing case management for comprehensive treatment plan.

If any of this sounds familiar, call me at 317.289.1784 or email me at

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