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How Can I Be of Service with Complex Kids, Teens, and Young Adults

As an independent therapeutic educational consultant, I can be an invaluable resource to both you and the families with which you work. When a family has a struggling adolescent, teen or young adult, you are often their first line of defense. When considering a more intensive solution, I am uniquely qualified to assist.

  • I have worked professionally in the behavioral health field for 25 years, specifically with therapeutic programs for over 15 years. I began my career as a social worker, and have experience working with a variety of therapeutic issues.

  • I am local. I have worked with professionals across the state of Indiana for over 15 years. I make it a priority to know local professionals and service providers to provide a seamless continuum of care. Parents appreciate working with someone who understands their community.

  • I visit programs regularly to get first hand knowledge of the program, program staff, and the types of students they serve. In a typical year, I visit approximately 75 programs nationally. This enables me to make individualized program recommendations for each family based upon their clinical needs, not their location.

  • I work in collaboration with local professionals. I welcome your insight into the client and family. I value you as part of the treatment team and include you throughout the process until the client returns back to your practice.

  • I have resources to make programs more affordable for families. I am committed to finding a treatment solution that works within each family's resources, including insurance based programs and scholarship opportunities.

  • I am an independent consultant. I have no affiliation with any schools or programs. I do not receive any referral fees or compensation from any programs. My sole focus is finding the right school or program for each client.

  • I am an IECA member. In order to become a member, IECA has a stringent process that requires significant experience, credentials, and references to ensure only the most qualified individuals can call themselves an IEC. IECA also requires ongoing training to maintain membership.

I am committed to providing compassionate care to each family with which I work. I am always happy to talk with families and explore if I can be of service to you. Contact me at; 317.289.1784

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