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What You Should Know about Therapeutic Educational Consultants

Independent therapeutic educational consultants are an important resource to both families and professionals who work with adolescents and young adults. When a family has a struggling adolescent, teen or young adult, local professionals are often their first line of defense. When a more intensive solution is needed, professionals need a working knowledge of how an EC, like myself , is uniquely qualified to assist.

I am local. I have worked with professionals across the state of Indiana for over 15 years. I make it a priority to know local professionals and service providers to provide a seamless continuum of care.

I am an IECA associate member. In order to become a member, IECA has a stringent process that requires signifcant experience, credentials, and references to ensure only the most qualified individuals can call themselves an IEC. IECA also requires ongoing training to maintain membership.

I am an indpendent consultant. I have no affiliation with any schools or programs. I do not receive any referral fees or compensation from any programs. My sole focus is finding the right school or program for each client.

Visiting programs is 25% of my job. I visit programs regularly to get first hand knowledge of the program and program staff, and the types of students they serve. I visit local, regional, and national programs. This quarter alone, I have toured 41 programs nationally. This enables me to make individualized program recommendations for each family.

I work in collaboration with local professionals. I value you as part of the treatment team and include you throughout the process. This is a vital part of a client's success.

I bring a fresh perspective to difficult situations. I appreciate parents’ frustations, pain, and feelings of helplessness. I understand the need for answers. I am committed to providing compassionate care to each family.

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